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At Nada Brahma we deeply value artists and the creative process. Artists are our ‘Musical Chefs’ cooking up the ‘musical nutrition’ for audiences and users. We want to let Artists know about the exciting opportunities and creative prospects that “Musical Nutrition“ can bring to them and their listeners.

Exciting New Sounds and Rhythms

Nada Brahma is a cutting edge sound technology, which through analysing our current spectrum of rhythms, has discovered that we are only using 25%-35% of the rhythmic spectrum. For higher levels of ‘Musical Nutrition’ we’re going to need to expand the rhythmic spectrum. That’s why we need You – our Artists or as we like to call you; “Musical Chefs”.

On Nada Brahma’s unique digital instrument we can give rhythms that you’ve never heard before.

New grooves, new polyrhythms; rhythms beyond any currently available time signature – that you learn through playing the ‘master cycle’.

It’s a beat master’s dream and a percussionists playground.

On our platform unique rhythms, related rhythms, and layers of rhythms are just a touch away. If you’re tired of beat libraries that all seem to have nothing new, then you’ve come to the right place! You can play the rhythms on our digital instrument with just the touch of a button, or you can play them online and then learn them on your instrument. Or even create your own rhythms on our platform and then export them to your DAW.

Nada Brahma’s unique digital instrument also offer the possibilities of new scales and timbres. Besides the traditional major and minor that we know in the western world, there are also modes, Jazz modes, Indian Ragas, Arab Maqam and here at Nada Brahma we now know that there are even more!

This is the first time we can bring eastern and western musical scales all together on one platform, we can even offer you more options for creating your own scales and sounds.

Experiment with moving tonalities, learn to transition between eastern and western scales, discover the subtle character and qualities of different scales and invent your own! If you’re a vocalist, you might want to experiment with discovering the scales that best suit your voice and best suit you and what you wish to truly express.

Unique Artist Development Opportunities

At Nada Brahma we believe the music industry should do more to support the creative development, craft development and self-development of it’s artists.

We deeply value artists, the creative process and exploring the very nature of sound. We also value different ‘modes and practices of performance’ that have been used by different cultures around the world.

We offer unique personalised artist development programs that can really make you stand out as an artist as well as deepen your relationship with sound/music and your ability to have impact with it.

Stand Out – Explore Unique Sounds or Create a New Genre!

Stand Out - Explore Unique Sounds or Create a New Genre!

We give you tools to create and explore new sounds and rhythms. We also can introduce you to different techniques for music making and develop your musical craftsmanship. So you can hear deeper, better understand different ways to capture, express and communicate your feelings and experiences.

We include self-development as well as give options for learning ‘socially engaged music making’ as well as health related musical methods. It’s up to you how you personalise your Artist Development.

By putting together the above ingredients, we give you the possibility to stand out as one of Nada’s ‘Musical Chefs’ and a Unique Impact Artist. Don’t forget that many genres of music are based on rhythmic patterns.

Latin musical genres for example are all based on different rhythmic patterns. So by giving you new rhythmic possibilities and musical and artistic development you have the possibility of even founding your own genre of music and really being a trail blazer!

A Closer Relationship With Your Fans

At Nada Brahma we understand different performance practices used around the world, so we deeply understand social aspects of music from multiple perspectives. One of the things we know that contributes to music’s ability to impact is the level of social engagement and social relevance of the artist. So we are very interested in the kinds of social processes that you the artist can engage with your ideas, messages and your music.

Nada Brahma provides artists with the opportunity to dialogue more with their fans. We can provide you with insights on who is listening to your music, how it’s affecting them and what it means to them. We can help you explore different performance practices, enable you more intimate dialogues, feedback and ‘socially engaged experiences’ to build bonds with your fans so that you build and grow a loyal and engaged fan base.

We’re at the beginning of an exciting musical journey. Musical Nutrition is not only beneficial to listeners in helping them understand and better engage with music, it’s also there to enrich the creative life and possibilities for artists. Just like nature, when it’s healthy it flourishes in diversity. So, we believe the musical world, when more ‘Nutritious’, will flourish in diversity of colours and creative possibilities.

We look forward to scientific experiments with our upcoming ‘Musical Chefs’ as well as development Unique Impact Artists and trail blazers! And of course, the amazing benefits that Musical Nutrition can bring to listeners and audiences.

We’re just at the beginning of opening up new musical worlds.

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